Unblock creative energy

After a long grey winter my house wasn’t the only thing that needed some sprucing up. My psyche had some dust bunnies and cobwebs to clean too.

I’ve been creatively pent up.

I’m on a mission to let creativity out of the cage

First I had to find where it was locked up. I’ve been feeling a bit stifled.

My first inclination of where my creativity was being held hostage was while doing a little beginners belly dancing . During a break down of basic steps I was encouraged to open and push out my heart. I actually found this incredibly challenging. I realized in that moment how much I round in and block off my heart.

Locate Where You Might Round In and Protect Your True Power So You Can Release and Flow

I looked up information on my heart chakra. I started focusing on the color of the heart chakra (green according to most information). I did some meditations, chants, visualizations, and mostly just told myself as much as possible that it is safe to open my heart.

Yesterday I went to the healer ( see: The Spa ) and during what was the most epic facial of my life, provided by an amazing esthetician , I again saw my heart space as a golden cage jailing my most brilliant ideas. I meditated on this and broke the cage bars while also vibrating as much love into that space as possible. Go figure! Lack of self love will make your sweet little heart close up and shrivel. In turn that shrived heart-space will block the flow of awesome ideas.

So, If you are feeling stuck in any area here are some suggestions.

1. Move that body! Your body wants to get moving. Just a simple walk with no intention of a destination can get your mind loose and your blocks can start popping up for observation. Doing some basic stretches can also help by locating areas of tension. For me it was my heart. For you it may be your belly or your throat. Find the tension, move thoughtfully into it, see what you find.

2. Once you identify where you are holding yourself back inject major doses of love into that space. Open it up and know that it is safe to have dreams, desires, talent, genius, it is safe to be totally awesome.

3. Investigate, research, get connected. Check out how people are living like you want to live, creating the way you want to create. We are not alone! Remember that. Use other peoples insights, build a tribe. This tribe can be physical, digital, ethereal, made of cookie crumbs…whatever works

4. Create space, in your mind and your home. Even if you just move the couch across the room, or toss out that pile of papers, you will change the flow of your environment and could be quite surprised by the results.

Good Luck, cleaning your psyche!